Sample Work

Welcome to our sample student work page! We are really excited to be able to share with you some of the wonderful work from students taking our course in a variety of schools. Hopefully seeing this collection of work will inspire you and help you see the wide range of possibilities that each project in the course holds. We hope you find it helpful to review this student work before embarking on it with your own students- providing a window into what students might say, how they might organize their work, what models are possible, and more.

This work was completed by students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. It is not meant to showcase what the outcomes of the different project should be, but instead what they can be. These are meant to be examples, not exemplars. Also you might notice these examples are not all exactly aligned with the projects as written in the curriculum and we are happy to see that! Our course is meant to be adapted by teachers to their students’ circumstances, as you all know best what your students need. These work samples reflect that variation. We look forward to hearing what your students’ work looks like and how it goes beyond what we are able to share here. Enjoy!

And, thank you to the students and teachers who shared their work with us!

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