Unit 1

Data Tells a Story

In this unit students will be introduced to data science through a reflection of their own experiences using self-generated data, an exploration of a larger dataset of people’s media use, and an analysis of business data. Through these activities students will learn about the data science process, begin using data… Read More
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Unit 2

The Data of our Community

In Unit 2 students will explore different ways of modeling data, starting with the basic models of measures of center and spread, as well as considering sampling. Students will likely already be familiar with the calculations needed to find measures of center and spread for small data sets,… Read More
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Unit 3

Water in Your Life

In this unit, students will learn about bivariate data through discussions and data explorations around the theme of water usage. Students will explore scatter plots as a visual way to represent the relationship between two variables, draw their own lines of best fit, and learn how data scientists determine and… Read More
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Unit 4

Shuffling Songs

In this unit, students will again consider the modeling process and the role played by variation,  reflecting on the data collected from simulations and the ways data can help answer probabilistic questions and leverage this power for decision-making. In the process of creating powerful simulations, students will learn… Read More
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Unit 5

Skin Tones and Representation

In this unit, students will discuss different ways of collecting and analyzing data. First, students will collect and analyze categorical data on the representation of different skin tones in the media. After a categorical analysis using two-way tables, they learn to conceptualize color as vectors and use a… Read More
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Unit 6

What’s the Best Place for Me?

In this unit students will build a prioritization model to create a ranking. In this process, students will decide what they value, collect variables based on their values, gather and clean data, create functions to combine variables, normalize data, and create a weighting system for prioritizing their data. Students will… Read More
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Unit 7

Predicting My Preferences

COMING SOON! In Unit 7, students will gather and clean data to make predictive models using the tools they have learned up until now. They will then be introduced to machine learning and will use machine learning on the same data to make more efficient and accurate predictions. During the… Read More
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Unit 8

Being a Data Scientist

COMING SOON! This unit will bring together all that the students have been working on. Students will have an opportunity to work through the full cycle of data science: making their own decisions about the questions they are interested in exploring, finding data to answer that question, cleaning the data,… Read More
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