New research article shares the results of schools implementing the Explorations in Data Science course. You can find it here.

Google Colab

We have great news— Google Colab has provided a new feature that allows IT administrators within schools a toggle that will give students access to Colab. Information is available here. Other teachers using Explorations in Data Science curriculum have had success with this approach and their students are now able to use Colab! Information about an alternative setup using Kaggle can be found here.

New Functionality on the Explorations in Data Science Website

The youcubed team is happy to announce that we have enabled a new feature on this website, as requested by users! Teachers have told us that it would be convenient to be able to download an entire unit with a single click. Now you can do that, here’s how:

  • Go to the main page of the unit you would like to download (for example, Unit 1)
  • Click on “Print/Save as PDF” or the printer icon in the upper right corner
  • After a brief progress bar screen, you will see a print dialog box
  • Choose whether you want to print the unit or save it as a PDF using the Destination (or equivalent) drop-down menu in the dialog box
  • The entire unit contents will be captured in your document or PDF (with working links, in the case of a PDF)

We’ve also fixed a couple of other issues users noticed, such as downloads cutting off content and the “read more” buttons on the curriculum overview page linking to the units, rather than simply displaying more text.  Keep the feedback coming, it’s really helpful and we try to respond! You can use the contact form that is located on the menu under “My Account” to send us your input or questions.