Data Ethics Continued

This intermission has a 2-day data ethics lesson, which you can conduct over the period that is suggested for student data gathering.


Digging Deeper

Before launching the jigsaw activity, remind students about the video they watched during the first intermission, about the terms and conditions for apps. In this jigsaw, students will be looking more deeply into data ethics topics concerning privacy and our devices. 

Use the following questions to launch this activity. Based on the video and your own experience, as a class discuss (Slide):

  • Why is privacy an issue?
  • What companies have our data and what are they doing with it?
  • Why do they want our addresses? To know our movements?

Set students up for a jigsaw around the following data ethics topics (Slide):

  • Cookies
  • Location services
  • Targeted advertising
  • Privacy settings
  • Research and read about your own topic (Optional)

Each student will read articles on one of these data ethics topics and be prepared to summarize what they learned from the article about their topic (a list of suggested articles is here). After students have read the articles around their topics, group them with students who have picked the same topic. Give groups time to share with each other their findings and discuss what they will share with others about their topic. For day 2, regroup students so that each topic is represented in each group and have students share about their topic in their new group. (See slide for a description of a jigsaw.) After sharing their topics have students generate a list of take-aways and pros and cons of the topics they have read about. 

As a class, summarize findings from the articles. What are your take-aways? What are the pros and cons? What are the ethics issues around these topics? (Slide)

Materials Required

Data Ethics Articles