Files Used Throughout the Course

  • Important Messages (view or copy): Throughout the course, there are common mathematical mindset and data science messages that are a part of the course. This document is a list of these messages and phrases and an explanation about these topics. When phrases appear in Teacher Notes for further information, see this page.
  • Student Concept Organizer (view or copy): This is a running document for the entire course where students have the option to keep track of new topics/concepts/vocabulary words. Students can use this document every time a new concept is introduced, or for the larger components of each unit. As students progress through the course and more examples of using the concepts are worked through, students are encouraged to go back and expand on their organizer definition.
  • Student Portfolio (view or copy): At the end of every unit students will build their portfolio in the form of Google Slides. This template recommends that students add a brief description of their project(s), link the projects and optionally link reflections and visuals.
  • Software Requirements for the course (view or copy).

Unit Presentations in Google Slides

California A-G Document (download)

Downloading Curriculum Materials

Links to copy the slideshow for any unit are provided at the beginning of the unit and below.  The instructions for any section of a unit can be downloaded as a PDF with working links by following these steps:

  1. Click the “Print/Save as PDF” icon in the top right corner of a Unit/Section page
  2. In the print dialogue box, locate the “Destination” drop-down menu and select either a printer or “Save as PDF”
  3. If you save the page as a PDF, you should be able to click on the links in the PDF to access all materials